The Greeks by Is Tropical

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but hechanova was first  

From the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 11: The Indie-Dance Issue, one of the best vids released 2 years ago. Bloody one, literally...   9

rainbowasi 9 Jun 2013

"You only get what you give away..."

katylyst 19 Oct 2012

Song is meh, video is disturbing as fuck. Props to @HollywoodHolt for the recommendation (he makes awesome music, btw).

StevieRea 7 Aug 2013

The video for this with the kids playing war is epic

gavsten 21 Aug 2012

I'm conflicted over whether to feel amazed or repulsed. Either way, it looks pretty awesome.   3

duncang 26 Jan 2012

Best video.

psychicteeth 15 Mar 2012