Walk on By by Isaac Hayes


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but LittleJoeII was first  

Long before Chef and Scientology, there was just Isaac wandering through this futuristic laundromat and absolutely killing it. #BurtBacharach   2

7r0773r 26 May 2014

This song kept me boogieing through my long day of travelling. Back in the UK!   2

amortentia 5 Jan 2015

Bacharach classic made bigger, better by Black Moses/Chef.

LittleJoeII 28 Dec 2011

Time for some soul. Not sure this is funky enough for #funkyfriday but still...   4

rocknrollisking 4 Jul 2014

The best moment from (the otherwise pretty awful) "The Interview" was this song, used as an entrance theme. Truly, one of the greatest cover versions ever, no? (presented here in prowling full-length glory)

damienmccaffery 21 Jul 2015

#LastJams Born on this day, singer-songwriter, actor & producer Isaac Hayes. "Walk On By" live 1969. #LongLiveTheJams   2

kzone8 20 Aug 2015