♦Walk On By♦ by Isaac Hayes♪

titusfrancis54’s jam on 15 Apr ’15 and then once after that (See all)

“jammin per hour maybe a relief! TiMj say...”

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jammin per hour maybe a relief! TiMj say...   3

titusfrancis54 13 Aug 2015

Bacharach classic made bigger, better by Black Moses/Chef.

LittleJoeII 28 Dec 2011

#LastJams Born on this day, singer-songwriter, actor & producer Isaac Hayes. "Walk On By" live 1969. #LongLiveTheJams   2

kzone8 20 Aug 2015

Time for some soul. Not sure this is funky enough for #funkyfriday but still...   4

rocknrollisking 4 Jul 2014

Long before Chef and Scientology, there was just Isaac wandering through this futuristic laundromat and absolutely killing it. #BurtBacharach   2

7r0773r 26 May 2014

Black Moses♪...gud songs...   1

titusfrancis54 15 Apr 2015