Driving Away From Home (wicked weather for walking) by It's Immaterial

“Oh look, there go the Dukes of Egypt!”

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Oh look, there go the Dukes of Egypt!

andywalsh 10 Feb 2013

I have a cold so here's a sleepy roadtrip to the grim north (salute to @thisismymistake for the introduction)   19

shme 28 Feb 2013

@wendyleah One hit wonder from the 80s, and just how I feel before tomorrow's long haul flight.

nigelstreet 2 Aug 2014

‘Driving Away From Home by It's Immaterial’ bloody loved this song, still do - all my mates hated it!

PaulWhitelegg 15 Sep 2014

you spend nine months trying to get out of the womb and the rest of your life wishing you were back in there! NEVER drive away from home , unless you're popping out for messages.....lol!   4

weeyindel 11 Jul 2014

Always liked this - and a little bit appropriate as we're off on holiday this weekend   3

Bazmeister 2 Aug 2013