Every Morning by J Mascis

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Full review at http://www.therealmusic.net/j-mascis-tied-star/

therealmusicnet 2 Sep 2014

I haven't listened to J. Mascis in a long time, mainly because I was underwhelmed by some of his recent records, but I decided to give this new album a listen. To my surprise, I loved the whole thing.

junkycosmonaut 21 Sep 2014

J Mascis his new album is just one long list of wonderful songs. It is like Dinosaur Jr. without the fuzz. Listen and love.

maupertus 9 Sep 2014

Another happy announcement today, a new J Mascis album coming soon! Totally loved 2011's Several Shades of Why so really looking forward to this.   9

adrian4acn 10 Jun 2014

A bit twee... Buy hey. We all need a litlle twee now and then.

timpsk 25 Sep 2014

Just thinking about my youth. Spent listening to Dinosaur Jr as loud as i could stand it. Late 80's, early 90's thinking that Sub Pop was the center of the universe. To this day, Sub Pop seems untouchable. Theyve always been a level that I wanted to be at. When i squinted real hard, my Bucket City scene looked like that scene. But i knew it wasnt, and no other would ever be. Anyway, this song makes me so happy. And it takes me way back to those days. I may start my days out with it. And so should you.

wizzard 15 Jul 2014