Bad Things by Jace Everett

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Binging on True Blood weekend...

Jesssle 20 Sep 2014

Love his voice~ not a country music fan, but for Jace's voice with these lyrics I will make an exception.. this one time only. He reminds me a bit of Chris Isaak.   9

christineb 1 Nov 2013

Abi has been watching this series lately, and I can't get the theme song out of my head. Pretty catchy.

xiombarg 29 May 2014

Hello? Is it gloriously cheesy guilty pleasure week? Good-o!   2

twistymellorman 18 Feb 2015

From True Blood.....I enjoyed the first three seasons but went downhill after that, so for Halloween a little Bad Bad Thing......I'm scheduled for a CT Scan on nov 7 to see how my chemo is working....or not.....I'm thinking it's hell but helping!!!!!! Keep those great jams coming..............   4

njparry 31 Oct 2013

Back from Christmas silliness with... erm, more silliness. But still a very good tune!

lauramcgeachin 30 Dec 2013