I'm Shakin' by Jack White

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but dimusics was first  

yep, I'm addicted.

robbfritz 11 Aug 2012

Jack white rocks this blues no.x

janeymac 29 Jan 2015

saw him live in Blackpool - finally after The White Stripes Icky Thump tour was cancelled in 2007 - raw joy   3

isajward919 9 Nov 2012

2012 #6: I'm sure it's sacrilege to pick the cover on the album, but I love this. Fave cover of 2012.   2

robbfritz 9 Dec 2012

Am pretty sure I found this through @pooblemooo since I'm not that big of a Jack White fan myself. However, I took this to heart and it's been with me ever since. #ReJam2013   9

Avante 26 Dec 2013

'I'm noivous!'   6

Enish 30 Dec 2012