Two Fingers by Jake Bugg

Natbat’s jam on 12 Nov ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

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but benjaminfrost1 was first  

This guy is great!   1

rvleonard 10 Jan 2013

Two Fingers is the stand out track on this young fella's new album.

andyknightesq 1 Nov 2012

"I got out, I'm alive, and I'm here to stay."

beegeeavl 2 Jul 2014

I'm an old dog but I learned some new tricks yeah /@JakeBugg

breppy 1 Aug 2014

Love this guy at the moment, he was superb at reading. Looking forward to his album!   2

asfisher 8 Sep 2012

I drink to remember, I smoke to forget... yeah!

aerm86 28 Dec 2012