Visa från Utanmyra by Jan Johansson

“Time for some beautiful Swedish folk music”

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Time for some beautiful Swedish folk music   1

stina 29 Jun 2015

Swedish folk tune, made jazzy by the master of making-Swedish-folk-tunes-jazzy.

adrianclark 1 May 2012

tis' the sound of the forest

fumarimba 20 Feb 2013

I wanted to jam Monica Zetterlunds version but it wasn't avaliable. Jans version is the more classical one, based on a Swedish folk song and a #SundaySoother Monicas version (with lyrics) is avaliable here: and is part of the #SwedishMelancholia I can't decide which I like more.   8

Avante 6 Apr 2014

one of the greatest swedish jazz musicians   2

farood 8 May 2013