“Slow and low, that is the tempo.”

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but btsz was first  

Slow and low, that is the tempo.

BrendanMcGuirk 29 Aug 2013

for that new new feeling

krisrex 22 Nov 2013

Won't even write a song.

alan 5 Oct 2013

"When you're down and it's hard,and you feel like you're given your all, Baby my love is always there for you."

roblt63 25 Jan 2014

Reminds me of an old school Prince track from back in the day..   1

tnelms9999 16 Dec 2013

#amazing melody. relatable lyrical content. marvelous delivery. "I wanna riot til the stars come out and play" "it's a primetime for our love/and heaven is betting on us"

DarlingBonnie 11 Nov 2013