Tightrope by Janelle Monae

tikva’s jam on 3 Feb ’12 (See all)

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but gleemie was first  

And here's my personal favourite Letterman music performance: @janellemonae and @kellindo

wateracre 20 May 2015

#ABCsOfMe 'J' is for "JANELLE" ......"Tightrope" from her triumphant Glastonbury ( England) gig 2011. One of the most talented live performers in the world today. .... AND she's stylish, sexy and great to watch...while remaining fully clothed throughout her show. ....Like a breath of fresh air nowadays, isn't it?   27

debutch 24 Nov 2014

Happy Birthday to the Electric Lady herself, Janelle Monae! Let's join her on the "Tightrope" to celebrate!

HackleySchool 1 Dec 2014

Get very funky, yall!

eeeThree_ed 30 May 2015

This will always be my jam, my instance danceparty, my karaoke song, my love. WHOAAAA! Another day-ay-ay-ay!

gleemie 30 Nov 2011

This talented lady helping me through the last few hours of the week.

rossintranslatn 16 Mar 2012