At Seventeen by Janis Ian

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Digging through my grandparents' records last night, my uncle George put this on. What a tune.   14

Han 26 Dec 2012

Wonderful.   22

Astromonkey 19 Jan 2014

The #25 ranking song of 1975. Touching song about what it is like to not "fit in" while growing up. #70's #acoustic   3

TENPIN 24 Jan 2015

My sis was a big Janis Ian fan. This is a great song and I think at some point in our lives most of us - boys and girls, men and women - have felt as Janis felt.   2

logiegreen 9 Jan 2015

A mid 70's version of her song. True raw emotion and great richness of her voice which seems lost when she sings today. About time I selected a female artist. Time also to select a band or two.

BeijingBob 1 Dec 2014

the mood fits   4

jonnyneale5 14 Aug 2014