Piece Of My Heart by Janis Joplin

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You're out on the streets looking good and baby deep down in your heart I guess you know that it ain't right

montymoss 7 Mar 2015

"..So lemme get this straight. This is your time machine." "Yes." "And you're from the future." "Yes." "Take me with you." "Only enough gas to take me back." "This runs on gas?" "Well.. fusion really." "Jazz fusion?" She laughs. I laugh with her. Then she grabs me by the shirt, "No really take me with you." "I can't." "Why me? Thousands of people in the world--" "Billions." "Yeah whatever. Why visit me?" "I just wanted you to know we don't forget you. We love you in the future. Just wanted you to know that." She pushes me away, "This ain't really a time machine. You just wanna do me." "That might adversely affect the space time continuum." "Yeah you keep saying that." "I don't need to 'do' you. I love you. We all love you in the future. Your music is lovin' enough. Just keep doing what you do." "So how you talk, I bet I'm dead where you're from." I lie to her, "you live to be a ripe old age." "Okay now I know you're lyin.."   5

ZachsMind 9 Jan 2015

One of my favorite female voices for the middle of the week.   12

metallicagirl 17 Dec 2014

#hippiedaze St. Janis....

clementix 21 May 2015

Great song to sing to driving down the road.

suewillwerth 15 Mar 2015

Ending the week with some Janis Joplin.   4

metallicagirl 4 Apr 2014