The Art Of Parties by Japan

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Another one that's just popped on the iPod. Odd seeing the audience like this - needs playing loud.

Bazmeister 17 Jul 2014

I will be exiting the 80s and 90s very soon. But I just can't get this out of my head today.

jaggeree 5 Dec 2011

Japan - The Art of Parties ... this one goes out to my friend Big C ... Japan was always one of my least favorite new wave bands. But I own their debut album on cassette, yes cassette... can you believe it? man the things you'll find at Value Village. #japan #newwave #weirdo #avantgarde

therealbk84 22 Jul 2014

I'm burning   6

pabloldias 16 Mar 2014

Once I was young Once I was smart Now I'm living on the edge of my nerves   1

tilapia 4 May 2014