24 Frames by Jason Isbell

“One last new jam before I revive the eternal jam.”

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One last new jam before I revive the eternal jam.   1

musicgeek 27 Aug 2015

Looking forward to the Jason Isbell album. Amazing guitar tone on this one...   1

nkaagaard 3 May 2015

Instant classic. Call it formulaic. Call it a cliche. But cliches become cliches for a reason; they work. When done well. Great voice and a perfect example of one of the three types of song. #list

mickey_profane 20 Aug 2015

Jason is on a roll. Isbell'album went to #1 in Rock, Country and Folk. He is from Greenhill, part of the Florence/ Muscle Shoals, AL area.

tgill7 29 Aug 2015

Been looking forward to Jason Isbell's new album for some time. It's out tomorrow. 24 Frames is from it and it's my new Jam...

adrianlong61 16 Jul 2015

went into a local record store to pick up the new Tame Impala and the guy behind the counter tried to "Beta Band" me with this song. effective as hell as i'm having a hard time getting it out of my head. i think you made a sale.

manmadejams 28 Jul 2015