Saccharin Disco (Vol. 1) by JAZ

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My favorite DJ (not kidding, have followed him for a long time on soundcloud and flipped out a bit when he came here) has posted a new mix..I listened to it yesterday on the plane and as always it is excellent and perfect for Miami's weather right now, the soundcloud post is downloadable so I thought I would rejam and also let you guys now he is on TIMJ :)   21

natyblooming 27 Aug 2014

These two mixes from @JAZ kept us going this weekend while we were putting the finishing touches on the latest site update.   18

TeamJamPicks 28 Aug 2014

100% guilty-pleasure uncut! Picking up where Vol. 1 left off, Saccharin Disco (Vol. 2) brings the world of over-sweet disco into the foreground. This is music that tried to sell-out in all the wrong ways. Sure you'll find all of the fantastic bass-playing and positive party vibes you've come to expect from disco, but you'll also encounter soaring strings galore, insanely catchy (even silly) hooks ad nauseum, an adoring love of too much treble, tons of breathy helium-filled female vocals, and all the other impressively trite gestures that made disco's fake smile so fantastic. It's an endless display of good intentions that ultimately fall short, music so sweet and slinky, that it will set your teeth on edge. So get your tolerance up, and dive into these crystalline waters of light-hearted revelation. No sarcasm allowed. (See Vol. 1 for more details: J-a-z-1 – Saccharin-disco-vol-1) Thanks to Sean Donson of for the amazing artwork! <3 & <   3

JAZ 25 Aug 2014