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but suky was first  

My anticipation for the upcoming "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" series is at an all time high right now.   1

nate_ltd 15 Mar 2015

JS has had some real gems through the years, good straight up rock gems.

markhaskell65 11 Dec 2013

I binge watched "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp" the past 2 days on Netflix and remembered how much I LOVE this song!

hfraz018 4 Aug 2015

Intro theme from "Wet Hot American Summer" and it's fan-goddamn-tastic. :)

Axyl 6 Aug 2015

Why? Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp..........That's why.   9

isajward919 3 Aug 2015

1979. A random year? Actually, I heard this track on my crystal, digital radio, remembering what a cracking arena rock song it is. However, it also got me thinking (always dangerous) about music weaving a path between our ever advancing years/events & in its' unique & quite wondrous way, bringing them from the misty (eyed) past, into sharper present focus. My earliest musical memory, or more correctly, tune & lyric that has stuck from childhood, is 'Yeh Yeh, by Georgie Fame. I was six. Take things on a bit & from secondary school, probably to this day, I am an unashamedly Progperson. However, when I look at my TIMJ past, Prog has only minimal representation, drawing me to the conclusion that all the other stuff, has impacted much more. Maybe I'm just weird. Yep, that's it. Anyway, having moved from my safe wee factory job in 1979, for finance, I left a final night out with my factory chums, in tears. Jane was played in the pub that night & there my Jamsters, is that weave...   27

21schizoid 7 Oct 2013