Maple Leaves by Jens Lekman

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but couch was first  

Och! Gorgeous! First heard at Artisan Roast in Glasgow, and now again on the first day back to work after the 4th of July weekend. Perfect!   1

damienmccaffery 8 Jul 2013

This song. That girl.

Citizenband 30 Oct 2014

50p Cardiff library. Bargain. Can't get away from that M.E.S. though   2

CajfH 7 Jul 2013

I didn't know anything about Mark E. Smith either.

lukeah 19 Jan 2015

I think you're beautiful but it's impossible to make you understand that if you don't take my hand I lose my mind completely Madness will finally defeat me She said it was all make-belief but I thought you said maple leaves and when she talked about the fall I thought she talked about the season I never understood at all

sconesaregood 20 Mar 2015

devastated that one of my favorite autumn songs isn't on spotify

splendourific 20 Oct 2014