Waiting for Kirsten by Jens Lekman


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Looking forward to Jens Lekman on Tuesday night. Maybe I will stalk him at his hotel like he did with Kirsten.

hopkinscara 8 Nov 2012

Love a bit of Jens. TUNE

edclarke 12 Jan 2015

Aw I have been converted to Jens! He's so like suave and funny, and he had such a good time on stage!   1

marshamarsh 23 Sep 2013

In Gothenburg they don't have VIP lines

matbeal 2 Apr 2013

Jens, oh Jens. So unfortunately #tragic

aspike17 5 Sep 2013

In Gothenburg we don't have VIP n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶s̶ lines...   5

Whiskeyface 16 Oct 2011