Murder Of Birds by Jesca Hoop


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Love Jesca. Saw her at a tiny studio show about a year ago in Seattle and was mesmerized by her. Enjoy.

swansuite 12 Jan 2014

I did this before I know, but off to see her tomorrow and I love this so much it just has to be......

PartyTearsFew 11 Apr 2013

Such a gorgeous melody and voice. Really hope she plays this when I support her next week in Bridport.

douglasdare 12 Sep 2012

I can't get this song out of my head. @JescaHoop and her way with words...

DingoEatingFuzz 14 Aug 2013

Two of my favourite artists on one song. They're the Roger Moore and Tony Curtis of music.

renzomazzolini 4 Nov 2013

Jesca Hoop is amazing, my new Kate Bush at last.........this is from Hunting my Dress.

PartyTearsFew 8 Feb 2013