Murder Of Birds by Jesca Hoop

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but AndyMack was first  

I did this before I know, but off to see her tomorrow and I love this so much it just has to be......

PartyTearsFew 11 Apr 2013

Two of my favourite artists on one song. They're the Roger Moore and Tony Curtis of music.

renzomazzolini 4 Nov 2013

Such a gorgeous melody and voice. Really hope she plays this when I support her next week in Bridport.

douglasdare 12 Sep 2012

Guy Garvey and Jesca Hoop's delicate vocals swoop and soar away. Delightful. And autumnal.   1

geospiza_fortis 17 Oct 2013

Jesca Hoop is amazing, my new Kate Bush at last.........this is from Hunting my Dress.

PartyTearsFew 8 Feb 2013

I can't get this song out of my head. @JescaHoop and her way with words...

DingoEatingFuzz 14 Aug 2013