Back, Baby by Jessica Pratt

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pezzer 19 Jan 2015

Last week it was Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best (check it out) but I never got round to posting it... But now it's this. "Things walk that you can never take back again..."

Bern_Esquire 14 Feb 2015

Last jam before moving house this weekend, no internet for a while, hope to see you all on the other side sometime next week! "You can't go back, baby."   5

thesunneversets 7 Nov 2014

Something that struck me from #npr #allsongsconsidered 06/01/15 - nicely put on top of some Paris Texas footage   1

bignonioides 13 Jan 2015

Becoming one of my favorite tracks of the year.

ErikFHelin 8 Apr 2015

I love listening to folk music sung by women and there has been no shortage of good examples lately. My favorite of the last decade is Alela Diane; then there are all of the ones from the past that I've been discovering: Karen Dalton, Vashti Bunyan, and so on. I hear a lot about Angel Olson, but I find her music boring. Marissa Nadler is a mesmerizing performer but her records don't resonate with me. When I learned of Jessica Pratt I wasn't sure what to think; her singular voice was hard to accept at first, but when I spent time with the record I was swept away. Hers is a silvery, wistful kind of music that I find works best listening to an entire album, though this track from her sophomore LP, On Your Own Love Again, works wonderfully on its own with this video of vintage home movies. I look forward to going back and hearing Pratt's first album, too, sometime soon.   4

noyoucmon 20 Mar 2015