Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware

“A tune and a half”

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A tune and a half

cloudsteph 22 Apr 2013

Come to this knowing nothing about JW, but this is beautiful...great video too. Thanks @mhendry04   1

markcmphillips 14 Jul 2012

This has been out a while, but I'm enjoying her album at the moment. Nice and chilled :)

inspirasean 13 May 2013

Shes made the perfect pop song! Such a beautiful voice! Totally deserved mercury nomination!

Oldy86 3 Dec 2012

This song makes me cry in all the good ways if that's any indication   3

darrenhayes 19 Aug 2012

From the outside, everyone must be wondering why we try...why do we try?

jess_sinc 11 Jun 2014