The Stars That Hang Above You by Jesu


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how many damn times have i jammed this already, huh? i know, it's a waste give how few days of jamming are left, but i can't help it and it's in the singular minded lovely spirit of the site, i think. a song i turn to when i need late night lonely distressed comfort, or scintillant beauty, or whatever else, over and over still to this day, whether i'm trying to make my heart explode on the pavement running intervals in the dark on washington or just feeling overstimulated but alone safe and sound at home. "are too cold..." /teenage   1

ifjuly 23 Sep 2015

It's great when a band sparks your love for music again. I knew jesu before, but I appreciate it more now.

NeedlezKane 19 Oct 2012

When Justin Broadrick tries being Nine Inch Nails instead of MBV or w/e he's pretty rad

SocraticMethod 14 Aug 2013