Voodoo Chile by Jimi Hendrix

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Spent a stoney hour driving around trying to get a glimpse of the #bloodmoon / #lunareclipse this evening but sadly the wind picked up and blanketed the valley in clouds. The big, beautiful, and bright moon visible just hours before was nowhere to be found. HOWEVER. This song was the first to come on shuffle in the car. "Well, the night I was born, lord, I swear the moon turned a fire red". Pretty cool considering Hendrix is my god.   8

augustina 15 Apr 2014

Less known than Voodoo Child, a song to enjoy without any hurry.   13

simon80 8 Jul 2013

So now for the real thing. Turn the lights down low, turn the volume right up. Lay back. Enjoy

SoTyred 21 Nov 2013

The original voodoo child -- often imitated ...   1

eljefe54 14 Apr 2013

Off of his third and final album with the Experience. This album was released on October of 1968 and changed music drastically. Electric Ladyland is an amazing and important album in rock music. I chose one of my many favorites off of the album. This is the 15 minute Voodoo Chile not to be confused with the closer on this album Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Hope you Enjoy it!

AlexEliason 5 Mar 2015

The night I was born, lord I swear the moon turned a fire red.

nullreference00 22 Jan 2014