Sitting In Limbo by Jimmy Cliff


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HeyRusty 17 Jan 2014

Sitting here in limbo... I don't know what life will show me But I know what I've seen I can't see where life will lead me But I know where I've been

SaraCsIt 16 Mar 2015

Because that's what we're all really doing

phillydesign 29 Jan 2015

Hello Wednesday, home office is falling apart...very apt song

Awdures 29 May 2013

I know I've chosen this as my jam before, but not this version. What can I say, this is one of my favorite songs and the lyrics really speak to me. In the beginning, he talks about how it was recorded in Alabama... that would be Muscle Shoals. A beautiful, spare version, recorded in (of all places!) a Guitar Center!

JerseyGrrrl 21 Jul 2014

Theme song for last semester of college! #jimmycliff #rayrayandkk #sanfranroadtrip #clemson2001

kookykaryn 16 Mar 2014