If You Dont Dont by Jimmy Eat World

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vonvon 16 Dec 2013


lotski 16 Jun 2014

Everything about this album seemed normal at the time, and it's only years later that I can appreciate how strange and anachronistic and wonderful it was.

MattJohnson 15 Jul 2014

Off of JEW's 2001 album, renamed to "Jimmy Eat World" after Sept. 11th. I still prefer "Bleed American."

Pruncible 14 Mar 2012

One of my favorite songs ever. This is a great live version. #JImmyEatWorld #IfYouDontDont

SoAndyway 12 Jun 2013

"I'm sorry that I'm such a mess, I drank all my money could get"

Tremayne11 8 Apr 2013