Me Myself I by Joan Armatrading


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I was introduced to this album when I was an exchange student in Denmark. I had not heard of Joan Armatrading up to that point.

spidra 16 Nov 2013

Saw Ms Armatrading last night on her "final world tour" small venue solo gig. This version is with full band but gives you a flavour of the gig. Review here:   3

BarneyRubble 20 Mar 2015

no comment ....just enjoy   3

totty01843 7 May 2015

Just love the song. Fab singer too!!

hildastearn 14 Dec 2013

Can't get this song out of my head lately.

pseudo_hipster 23 Feb 2012

Monstrous jam

tothemaxxx 3 Mar 2012