Here's To You by Joan Baez

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isajward919 15 Sep 2015

gosh dang kojima that's a fucking great jam thanks

ElNarez 1 Sep 2012

kept you waiting huh

ChrisCupson 14 Jun 2015

The third and final part of the piece Ballad of Sacco & Vanztti written and composed by Joan Baez and Ennio Morricone about the two anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti who were, some say wrongly, executed via the electric chair in 1927.   1

vanoccupanther 6 Sep 2014

my sadness nerve just basks in it

mastodonsenior 26 Nov 2013

There's something almost beautiful about this song. It feels very powerful.

wsmccall1 21 Sep 2014