A-Bit of Daft Punk by Joe Jeremiah

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Maybe I'm a sucker, but I think everything is improved by 8-bit covers.

nynexrepublic 24 May 2013

Warning: Contains Get Lucky, which has been a 2-day earworm so far.

zippy 24 May 2013

Also, I want that T-shirt.

deestan 24 Nov 2013

Joe Jeremiah - A-Bit of Daft Punk: Even i'm getting sucked into this Daft Punk thing... with an 8-bit twist!

stimpee 29 May 2013

The whole album in 5 minutes and 8-bit !

fabuleuxfab 27 May 2013

Chiptune version of Random Access Memories didn't take long to come out. This song is the Bobomb!

keithKAOS 24 May 2013