Paris 1919 by John Cale

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J'aime cette chanson. :D   8

rejunevated 9 Aug 2014

Efficiency, Efficiency They Say!

pfibiger 7 Dec 2011

We're on a serious Cale kick here at Casa Exceptional. This week's selection chosen b/c it's my 8 yr old daughter's fave song of the moment, esp. for the chorus, which for the life of me I cannot explain to her. "I'm the church/and I've come/to claim you with my iron drum"...   1

Borrible19 13 May 2015

This song has been in my ear for two weeks yet i haven't jammed a new song in days, this has to be it, delightful, this makes me so happy.   5

isajward919 6 Aug 2014

Caravans and lots of jam.   8

TeamJamPicks 6 Mar 2013

"Standing there but never talking sense / Just a visitor you see..." A friend reminded me recently that I'd been saving this album, tucked away, like a present to myself, for many years. It's on (nearly) endless repeat this week.   2

theremina 16 Apr 2015