Glacier by John Grant

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Checking out some old unplayed compilations from 2013, heard this and reminded me it was something I was going to listen to at the time but got distracted by life. Life's like that!

voguemode 8 Mar 2015

Spent money on frivolous vinyl today... no regrets so far on this album, glad I finally own it.

elzferno 11 Oct 2014

Absolutely amazing video. I'd love to see a list of all the references here, ( @AlicejustMay, one for you?)   4

Gummi 16 Jan 2014

"This pain, it is a glacier moving through you" - i hear you john, too well in fact :(   9

solveigo 18 Mar 2013

I suspect I won't be the only person jamming this track/video. Good. Because

Astromonkey 16 Jan 2014

Glacier by @@johnwgrant #ThisIsMyJam #HashtagAllTheThings

Rantz 15 Mar 2015