Sensitive New Age Guy by John Grant

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Take Picasso, Otto Dix and some Salvador Dali.   3

MotherFist 23 Oct 2014

Pale Green Ghosts floored me for about a month when I first heard it.

AdlaiM 10 Dec 2013

In which our hero channels his inner James Murphy to stunning effect.   7

davidovitch 12 Mar 2013

Brilliant album.   1

shadowsans 23 Jun 2013

"Take Picasso, Otto Dix and some Salvador Dali, / Accompanied by Wagner, plus some Public Enemy. " < acerbic, intelligent electro in the early 80s vein.   2

ncplewis 11 Jun 2013

From the preposterously good "Pale Green Ghosts", a spurned Mr Grant channels his inner LCD Soundsystem. Ace!

weloveallthat 16 Mar 2013