Mother by John Lennon

joeldurhamjr’s jam on 2 Mar ’14 and then once after that (See all)

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Oh, why not? It's Mothers Day (tomorrow, as I post this). This is the first song that came to mind.

Gil_Mensch 9 May 2015

An alternative Mother's Day jam. Nothing I can particularly relate to in this song. Great tune nonetheless...   2

hindle4 18 Mar 2012

Aching. Lennon had some real abandonment issues.

BotchTheCrab 11 May 2015

When I became a parent, this song began to make me cry.

geemarcus 7 Oct 2014

2 tracks,'cold turkey,'mother,have real pain......that's why J L was special   2

lynn200 7 Dec 2012

It's too bad Mr. Lennon had such mommy problems. Happy Mother's Day to all the good moms (like mine)!

joeldurhamjr 11 May 2014