Watching The Wheels by John Lennon


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This song says it all.

alain23 5 Feb 2015

Loved this song...   1

newley 16 Dec 2012

Well I tell them there's no problems, only solutions.   1

Pinklilycat 18 Jul 2013

This song hit me square in the chest today. Not just because Im a firm believer in Lennon > McCartney or that this song has been on 234789 soundtracks. Its more intimate than that. Ever since I was a young boy, and I had the very rare chance to hear my dad sing, he sounds exactly like John Lennon. It doesnt surprise me, he owned every Beatles album ever. And yeah, I know this is a throwback Fathers Day type dedication.. but dont the good fathers deserve a shout out even on their "off-days"? Anyway, this song means more to me with every year i get older. ┬áJust sit back, let go, and listen to these pearls of forgotten wisdom. People say Im lazy, dreamin' my life away.   2

wizzard 20 Jun 2014

im a big john lennon fan he belived in love and peace   1

guitarman 13 Oct 2014

Woke up with this song on my mind today. It put me in a calm, thoughtful sort of mood.

loveofmylife 29 Jan 2015