May You Never by John Martyn

“This song just warms. Definitely on my funeral playlist.”

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This song just warms. Definitely on my funeral playlist.

videojon 5 Jan 2012

I've recently been going back through John's discography, and even though it's a well-worn classic, it's hard not to get stuck on this again. A master.   11

aHandfulOfRain 28 Jun 2015

"You hold no blade to stab me in the back and I know that some do"   1

obadiah99 22 Apr 2013

Gave me goose bumps when it shuffled on to my ipod yesterday - simply brilliant!

Keggen 30 May 2012

As the polls close on the current 2015 Election night I offer you (and yes I am still covered by Purdah) the Martyn Manifesto

nickeane 7 May 2015

"May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold/may you never make your bed out in the cold." #JohnMartyn #SolidAir

Borrible19 16 Feb 2015