Really Free by John Otway

benlarder’s jam on 20 Feb ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Otway is 60 tomorrow? Here's one of the greatest TOTP performances...”

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Otway is 60 tomorrow? Here's one of the greatest TOTP performances...   1

benlarder 1 Oct 2012

Cor baby that's really free!

Lazarus267 28 Jun 2012

Well I wake up in the morning, tell me baby, what do you see. I see John Otway and Wild Willy Barratt, that's who I see.   1

sunwacD 24 May 2014

I remember seeing this the night it was broadcast and simultaneously loving it and thinking they were idiots! I bought the album and realised that they were geniuses. What I really wanted to post was "Geneve"; which I think is one of the most poignant songs ever written and recorded. But there doesn't seem to be a version available where they aren't screwing around! Idiots!! So you will have to settle for this fabulous thing.

mickey_profane 22 Jul 2015

Real music played by real people!

cobbyco 22 Mar 2012