Love Is in the Air by John Paul Young

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It’s that time of year again! There’s still time to pick up chocolates and roses for that special someone.

perthcollegeuhi 14 Feb 2014

Right. It's not summer. However, I am off on a two week sabbatical, so forgive me if I don't return your comments, tweets or any other communicative endeavours. The mobile goes with me, but only for dire emergencies and super though TIMJ and all my Sufferers surely are, your faithful curmudgeon is dead air. I had lined up something completely different from this disc. However, as is oft the case, I was railroaded by the dulcet tones of another, on a glorious trip in rural Perthshire (on the way back home from Marks&Sparks if you must know). The sun was shining, the fields were gorgeously green and it felt somehow right that this fine song was on the airwaves. I do believe in 1978 when this single was released, I was on (so to speak) girlfriend no.2. Her name was Esther. She had big hair, great legs, a truly annoying sister, dogs called Baby & Dusty and a goldfish (name unknown). I feel sure we would have snogged to this...ah, lurve was indeed in the air. Over & out, fellow romantics...   30

21schizoid 14 Apr 2014

"Strictly Ballroom", a dance lesson and John Paul Young.What's not to like??   3

BeeBee 23 Oct 2012

The audience look as inanimate as the palm tree and flower display.   1

jillywill22 25 Feb 2013

Happy Anniversary

GregSweet 12 Jun 2015

Love is in the air, and we are back on the Dancefloor..... grab your bolero jackets and red sparkly numbers and let's go!   25

BeeBee 14 Feb 2014