Chi Mai by John Zorn

“John Zorn--Chi Mai. OK, this exquisite and perfect Ennio Morricone cover is one of my favorite pieces of music and, thus, is my last jam. R.I.P. #TIMJ. It also has a bit of a bittersweet and reflective quality, with tension and a swelling climax before peacefully and then emphatically dying out. So, yeah, an appropriate last jam ;)   Thanks to the great community of music lovers who found a home here and shared so much musical knowledge and exposed so many folks to new (or old but unknown or unheard) music.  Cheers.    p.s. Zorn's Gevurah (live, Bar Kokhba) is my eternal jam so this brings things full circle”

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by iMatthew_ in Sep 2015.