Pledging My Love by Johnny Ace

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SocratesKin 19 Feb 2013

May this fire in my soul, dear, forever burn...

Ramone666 4 Apr 2014

#copjams BAD LIEUTENANT is a great rough flick from 1992 starring Harvey Keitel that unfortunately was similar to some cops I knew about followed in 2009 by THE BAD LIEUTENANT: NEW ORLEANS-PORT OF CALL...both are horrifying even though Werner Herzog who directed the second one with Nicholas Cage admits during the commentary he meant it to be an over the top dark comedy #cheese...but that's Werner for you...I miss him making flicks with Klaus Kinski...time to watch AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD again   1

Shaka 9 May 2014

[crying to a hallucination of Jesus Christ]. The Lieutenant: 'I'm sorry, Lord. I've done so many bad things'.   1

fsrlabel 5 Oct 2011

Final jam (probably) loved it on this site. especially all the lovely diverse people and music, i am on LL, Nusicki and Gods Jukebox. I am not sure if I can keep that up though. I think my first jam back in the summer of 2012 may have been Johnny Ace so a fitting end. Thanks to all the kind words over the years Gawd Bless ya all   5

davidedspencer 24 Sep 2015

This is a great song from 1955 by Johnny Ace, released posthumously. John Lennon must have been a Johnny Ace fan. Listen to this and then to Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". It's almost the same melody. And then listen to Lennon's "Intuition". Very similar piano technique. Enjoy!

Gil_Mensch 3 Oct 2013