One Piece At A Time by Johnny Cash

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I genuinely don't know of any song that gives me greater glees than this. Makes me want to score a job working for Cadillac.

DJDarren 20 Nov 2013

And now for something completely different...   1

capnhollis 10 Jul 2014

Sometimes I'll get in a mood where I'll listen to this song and think, "This might be the greatest song ever written."   1

ScottWatkins 13 Aug 2014

You think you've found a plot hole, and then he fills it in.

Josh_Blackman 24 Jun 2014

When I was in HS, a friend of my mom subscribed her to a Franklin Mint set of Country Music. I used to make fun of it, but by college I was listening to it. That's where I learned this song.   4

spidra 5 Aug 2015