Willie and the Hand Jive by Johnny Otis

#FilmJam Dare I say it, best film ever....”

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but xian was first  

#FilmJam Dare I say it, best film ever....   8

CaptainJam 18 Jul 2013

1958. Grossly neglected R&B figure.   8

Axol 30 Aug 2015

A time when TV seemed so much fun.

colonel 6 Sep 2014

I've wanted to learn these moves since I was about 9 years old. Time to do it! Great song, too.   1

jagordon3 4 Jun 2013

Wanna dance?

azgrammi 12 Jan 2014

Theme: Learn to Dance! The Hand Jive is not a dance created by 'Grease.' They wanted an authentic 50's dance for the musical but didn't want to shell out the cash for the actual song, so they essentially lifted "Hand Jive" directly from this. Listen to the music, it's almost identical.   1

Mercurywaxing 29 Jun 2014