Collider by Jon Hopkins

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kunstreich 5 Mar 2014

#2 in the Jamstar's top tennish is 'Immunity'. I think this is a fine testament to the diversity of taste among the core of this site. It's an incredible album but it's devoid of guitars and lyrics which makes it stand apart from its immediate neighbours. That's just excellent, no? If you have yet to give this a chance I suggest you immerse yourself - it's rewarding in increasingly holistic increments. Perfect, penultimate point-scoring from our peripatetic puffins of promise - @simonp @AlicejustMay @marktee @GetIntoZeChoppa @AndyWilkinson @Niels_Footman @MyBlueElephant and @silvershroud Thanks guys - 1 more to go (Prob Monday afternoon).   16

jonnyneale5 15 Feb 2014

take a musical journey through the ethereal sounds and pulsating bass line of this incredible track by Jon Hopkins.   1

drewmb 22 Jan 2015

Eagerly anticipating Jon Hopkins's new album. Meanwhile, here's #Collider

simonhooper1 24 Feb 2015

2013   3

Axol 17 Sep 2013

Jon Hopkins is music's Large Hadron... he finds the god particle in every track he makes.   52

AlicejustMay 5 Dec 2013