Immunity (Asleep version with King Creosote) by Jon Hopkins


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Really enjoying this new (asleep) version of @jon_hopkins_'s "Immunity".

mdreid 10 Nov 2014

just wow ..... my respect for Jon Hopkins has grown exponentially over the last year or so .. but this excels. Immunity as a work was as near perfect as an album I have heard but this remix works so well as a standalone that it deserves recognition apart. Hypnotic, delicate beautiful.

troydee 12 Nov 2014

Great chill out song. Found out about Jon Hopkins from a collab he did with a bioimaging lab. Try google to find it.

manysams 22 Nov 2014

Love this guy .very talented

rjmockett 5 Jan 2015

Ah! If only Jon Hopkins and King Creosote stopped making such beautiful music I might listen to something else from time to time. Oh well.

joecoolesq 9 Feb 2015

Lovely track   1

damprice 18 Nov 2014