Rockin' Shopping Center by Jojo Richman & the Modern Lovers


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A song about shopping centres across America. Possibly the only one.

romney 13 May 2015

Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers--Rockin' Shopping Center. Only Jonathan could write a song with lyrics: "Well the giant sign sez More Mall Plaza / These setters, I dunno it has a / Weirdo insignia they put on all the bags / Wrote it on the walls, even made a flag / If I were a shopping center, I'd sure be embarrassed / I know I'd never get a date with a cute little building like...from Paris."   thx to @shitsterbauer for #jojoweek   1

iMatthew_ 10 May 2014

Was going to post this yesterday, so had to rejam. De-doily doidy doit doit doit doit diddle, Let's rock. Let's go! #jojoweek   6

music_xplosion 12 May 2014