That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman

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That summer feeling's gonna haunt you for the rest of your life....   4

DiamondDog 15 Aug 2013

Maybe it's corny, but my last jam is my first jam. It has that melancholy, happy-sad feeling that is just right for the end of something. Plus, it's still summer. Thanks for the jams!   8

kdd 24 Aug 2015

The song equivalent to Dandelion Wine.

iloilo72 12 Jul 2014

I can't explain in words what this song does to my emotions. . .   1

HTSpencer1972 5 Jun 2014

You can't have #jojoweek without one of his sentimental songs, and this one's about sentimentality itself: "If you've forgotten what I'm naming / You're gonna long to reclaim it one day" -- This extended, solo version hits like a ton of bricks.   3

chrystacherrie 13 May 2014

water, sun, fruit, guitar

mirnanda 2 Jul 2012