All I Want by Joni Mitchell


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radial wave equations

radioprotector 4 Aug 2015

Do you see? Do you see? Do you see how you hurt me baby? So I hurt you too, then we both get so blue.   9

OnlySimonLucas 1 Apr 2015

been reading my mom's diaries from 70's & 80's. This song fits that chapter of her life.   2

hyapiko 30 Apr 2013

perfection. hang in there #joni   2

peterh07 2 Apr 2015

"I am on a lonely road and I am travelling...."- the opening line of the opening track of the best album ever made: FACT!   5

bloggerlees 20 Mar 2015

I gotta start showing some love to my fellow Canadians.   1

maksuud 19 May 2014