Go Do by Jónsi

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but rosieclarke was first  

I needed something to lift my spirits today, and this fits the bill...   1

gracelilacwine 18 Feb 2014

I love this song!   1

ewaka 5 Feb 2012

Whenever I here this song, it feels like I am about to embark on an epic journey/adventure to an unknown place. I need to move to a different country :P   1

monutella 30 Mar 2014

Just took my boy to see 'How to train your dragon 2' and was pleasantly surprised to hear that he'd contributed a song to the soundtrack. Had forgotten what an amazing voice he has - even better when he isn't singing in his made up language :)

MichaelReader 25 Aug 2014

Saw Sigur Ros 360° yesterday night. Saw Jonsi destroyed camera # 1. Destroyed his microphone later. Like a child. Big Smile. Made me want to listen to his solo album again just after the gig!   9

MyBlueElephant 20 Jun 2013

you wish fire would die and turn colder; you wish your love could see you grow older. we should always know that we can do anything.

nobunaga 8 Mar 2014