Open Season by Josef Salvat

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🎶^_^🎶...just #love at the moment the #feelings I get from this song...and the words: I #believe in you & I know you beliving in me too :-)

LoveCandy 18 Apr 2015

I love how everyone of us has different stories behind songs. I had one last week with this amazing song. Sadly this is a remix.

younglion 3 Jul 2015

Good shit.   2

NiallManley 19 Sep 2014

I can't remember where I first heard this but it's pretty upbeat.

atwilliams24 6 Nov 2014

Just cannot stop listening to this track. Musical ecstasy, this one.   1

olliecat4 24 Apr 2015

Great audio quality, intimate acoustic version.

mcneid1 17 Jan 2015