Fell in Love With a Boy by Joss Stone

“We love you, Joss”

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We love you, Joss

lovebitesplays 5 Apr 2013

"He's in love with the world, And sometimes these feelings can be so misleading. He turns and says, "Are you alright?" Oh, I must be fine cause my heart's still beating."

alyssamwbc 16 Oct 2013

It's weird how Joss Stone released one absolutely phenomenal LP and then really nothing very compelling after that.

kevinrburns 14 Jan 2014

Something funky to get through a gray day.   1

chicagomom 20 Feb 2014

Strange, gorgeous bluesy Stripes cover.

aethelthryt 8 Apr 2013

Always had been my favorite song!

chieeryvishu28 19 Dec 2013